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We’re Growing: Announcing our New and Improved Website

Spktral are delighted to announce the launch of our new website, aimed at enhancing the user experience of clients and exemplifying our broad range of expertise in the region of pay gap analysis and DEI consulting.

The new website signals a significant step in our development. Anthony Horrigan, Spktral’s CEO says:

It shows that we’ve listened to our amazing clients and that we’re growing to meet their increasing needs. Our old website really only mentioned our gender pay gap expertise, but we’ve been far beyond that for sometime. I’m very excited to have Sara Roberts leading the commercial arm of the business and to be working closely with Dianne Greyson, the architect of the #EthnicityPayGapCampaign and respected DEI strategist. 
Anthony Horrigan, CEO

Organisations are struggling to attract and retain diverse talent. Society and government, as well as customers and employees are increasing the pressure on organisations to ensure equitable opportunities for and treatment of this diverse talent. With the right representation and pay gap analysis, leaders can identify the areas in their organisation where diverse talent may not be being attracted or progressing. 

Spktral’s mission is to provide a pay gap analysis and robust DEI strategy service to help organisations evolve and expand their talent pools. As we are expanding, we are delighted to welcome some very significant and talented people onto the team: Dianne Greyson, founder of #EthnicityPayGap campaign, and Sara Roberts, Entrepreneur and CEO of Healthy Nibbles, a health-focused foodservice company & insights platform. 

Our focus has always been on providing compliant gender pay gap services amidst complex and challenging legislation – but we do much more than that. While our SaaS platform helps you make better, evidence-based people decisions, our amazing DEI/change management consultants will set or adjust your strategy, deliver training and engage your stakeholders.

The new website highlights the range of advanced services available to companies who want to improve representation across their pay ranges and create diverse and equitable workplaces. It showcases our full range of expertise and features, from our robust software, to our comprehensive auditing process that empowers you to achieve continuous improvement, to our consultancy service, dedicated to helping you take insight-driven, evidence-based action in your organisation. 

Check out the new website and learn more about our services here.

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