Access our core legal documents that govern how we operate, deal with your data and protect both parties at all times. You can download these as .PDFs.

Our legal documents

Click the icon to open the document in a separate window or hit the download button below each document to save a copy to your device.

Terms of Business

These terms apply to all of our services provided to you from Spktral. These include certain legal rights and obligations and form an integral part of your contract with us.

Data processing Addendum

This addendum forms part of our Terms of Business. This addendum only applies to the extent Spktral (processor) processes personal data on behalf of a customer (controller).

Privacy Policy

This policy applies across all websites that we own and operate and all services we provide, including our cloud-based applications, apps and services we may offer.

Cookie Notice

This notice talks about the various cookies and tracking technologies we use across the websites that we own and operate and all the services we provide to you.

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