Make better people decisions with your



Empower equal futures in your organisation. We help you transform your HR and payroll data into insightful pay gap analysis. This enables you to make evidence based decisions about your most valuable asset - your people.

How we can help you make progress

Our focus is your pay gap reporting – specifically gender, ethnicity and disability.


You get access to our easy-to-use platform, flexible consulting (when you need it) and our online resources, to help you throughout your entire pay gap journey.

spktral pay gap services

The key benefits of Spktral's pay gap reporting service

More Effective Support

We are pay gap specialists and understand the legislation inside out, so you don’t have to. This frees up your time and resources to work on other aspects of your business.

Independent Assurance

The legislation is complex and easy to misinterpret. We give you peace of mind that your data is turned into reliable insights that are both accurate and compliant.

Better People Decisions

Our platform helps you make better evidence based people decisions which drive diversity and inclusion in your organisation by uncovering the true pay structure of your teams.

What differentiates Spktral's pay gap reporting service

Specialist Knowledge

You get exclusive access to pay gap specialists who have been crunching this data, uncovering insights and producing reports since 2016.

Easy to Use Technology

You get actionable insights from your data in a few clicks with our highly intuitive, user-friendly technology.

Fast and Flexible

You move through the process efficiently with a responsive service that adapts to suit your unique position.

Client Focus

At every stage of your journey our services are tailored to meet your specific needs; we have built our reputation on this commitment to our clients.

Exceptional Service

Our priority is to develop long-term relationships with our clients by sharing our knowledge and expertise.

Great Value

Our agility, knowledge and focus deliver exceptional value, outperforming your existing internal or external resources.

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