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“Progress starts and ends with talent” – Introducing our Talent Services Director

In October 2023, Spktral announced its new and improved website aimed at exemplifying our broad range of expertise in the region of pay gap analysis and DEI consulting. The website symbolised a key step in our expansion, from exclusively providing compliant gender pay gap services amidst complex and challenging legislation, to a service that supports…

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In Conversation with Genius Within – The Social Enterprise Fighting for Neuroinclusion in Workplaces

Recently, I had the chance to sit down with Helen Doyle, Community Manager at Genius Within. Genius Within is a neurodivergent-led social enterprise founded in 2011 with the aim of driving systemic change for neurodivergent people. What is neurodiversity? Neurodiversity is something that has become more widely recognised in society in recent years. In its…

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Putting the Focus on Ethnicity: Dianne Greyson and the #EthnicityPayGap Campaign

In October 2023, Spktral welcomed Dianne Greyson to the team as Non-Executive Director. Dianne is the founder of the #EthnicityPayGap Campaign, Managing Partner of Synergised Solutions and Director of Equilibrium Mediation Consulting. In February 2024 the #EthnicityPayGap Campaign will host the first ever Ethnicity Pay Gap Summit in partnership with Spktral and ShareAction. Tickets can…

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Young Women Code: The Project Aimed at Tackling Gender Disparity in Scotland’s Digital Tech Sector

Last week, I sat down with Saffron Roberts, Research and Facilitation Coordinator at The Young Women’s Movement - Scotland’s national organisation for young women’s feminist leadership and collective action against gender inequality. Saffron and I spoke about Young Women Code, a project funded by the Workplace Equality Fund, which contributes to ending gender disparity in…

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the transgender flag, which is blue, white and pink, being held against a brick wall

Transgender Awareness Week 2023: Guide to Transgender and Non-Binary Inclusion at Work (CIPD)

13 - 19 November marked Transgender Awareness Week. The week is followed by Transgender Day of Remembrance, on 20 November, to memorialise those who have been murdered as a result of transphobia.  “Transgender Day of Remembrance seeks to highlight the losses we face due to anti-transgender bigotry and violence. I am no stranger to the…

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A toddler plays on the rug, surrounded by toys. In the background, a female figure (implied to be the mother) is sat at a desk, presumably working at a laptop.

Flexible Working – What Does it Have to Do with the Gender Pay Gap?

Earlier this year, the Employment Relations (Flexible Working) Bill achieved Royal assent. According to the bill, workers will now benefit from the following protections:  Employers must consult with the employee before rejecting flexible working requests Employees can now make two statutory requests in any 12-month period, rather than one. Requests can be made from day…

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Pay Gap Analysis is for Everyone – Not Just for More Than 250

The statuary guidance on gender pay gap reporting currently only applies to employers with 250 or more employees. However, we believe that identifying, analysing and responding to gender pay inequity is the responsibility of 𝗲𝘃𝗲𝗿𝘆 employer, not just big businesses. When we start thinking about representational analysis as a fundamental requisite in all workplaces, regardless of…

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