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Your pay gap journey

Many organisations have started to discover the insights behind their pay gaps, but few have managed to navigate the process without compromises, holes in their data or in their thinking.  Our mission is to change that and allow all organisations to demonstrate transparency and build trust.  We believe the three main stages of this process are inextricably linked and we pride ourselves on being trusted partners who can help you at at every stage of your journey.

Data sourcing and Audit

Get the right data into the system.

Our team have hundreds of hours experience identifying, compiling and validating data from a multitude of sources.  We know exactly what raw data is needed to comply with the current legislation.

Once the sources have been confirmed the data is uploaded to our platform via a sophisticated gatekeeper algorithm that checks for validation errors. Everyone makes mistakes once in a while, so our one click audit mitigates this risk for you.

platform features

  spktral upload

The template that we use for uploading data enables you to process all of your employees at the same time.  There is no need to upload your monthly-paid employees separately to your weekly-paid.  As the file is uploaded it passes  through our gatekeeper algorithms which check a multitude of validations and also apply timeframe checks to all your date-based data.

  spktral audit

When you’re compiling a spreadsheet full of HR and payroll data, you’re bound to make occasional mistakes.  Without validating the raw data and comparing that to the calculated output you may introduce inaccurate hourly rates to your pay gap summary. With our one-click payslip audit we show how each line in your spreadsheet has been transformed into an adjusted hourly rate of pay.  You can check the full range of pay or perform a spot check by searching for individual HR IDs.  For added resilience, you can download a .csv and compare that against your original data file.

To learn more about our platform or discuss using spktral to audit your data, get in touch with us.

Insight Discovery

Discover meaningful insights from your data.

If you’re using spreadsheets to uncover your pay gaps you need expertise to populate, interpret and extract insights.  If that expertise leaves, then you can quickly find your capability to make sense of your data reduced.

We remove this risk with our legislation compliant platform.  Once your first data file has been uploaded you are presented with a dashboard showing your metrics and our enhanced insights.  If you need more, you can switch to a more granular view and really delve into the stories hidden in your data.

platform features

  spktral compliance

We understand the importance of ensuring that your results are fully compliant.  The gender pay gap functionality of the platform is fully compliant with current legislation and as further guidance is released on other pay gap measures, these will be fully incorporated.

  spktral employee funnel

Insights require context – in our work over the last three years we have discovered that an organisation’s pay gap is based on approximately 80% of their workforce due to the reporting rules that require omission of certain groups/circumstances.  Senior leadership need to understand how their workforce is funnelled due to the process.

  spktral pay DNA

We believe the true story of your pay gap doesn’t lie in pay gap percentages.  To boil an entire organisation down to one number is a gross simplification of a complicated situation.  Our platform shows you a more complete view of your organisation – your DNA.  It shows your overall representation and then how this changes across the pay range along with clear insights of where you’re over and under-represented.

  spktral charting

Our easy-to-use charting, grouping and filtering module allows you to highlight the stories that you need to communicate.  To maintain context, we also describe the demographic position to ensure statistical integrity is maintained.  We have also built in ‘what if’ buttons that allow you to compare your compliant results against a more realistic series of parameters.  This is accomplished in a few clicks and the charts and tables can be downloaded to your desktop.

To discover the stories behind your data quickly and focus on plans to progress, get in touch with us.

Sharing & Collaboration

Use your insights to inform your action plan.

The process of sharing, discussing and formulating action plans is fundamental to making better people decisions.  We give you the capability to easily share high quality charts, dashboard summaries and platform-generated, customisable summary reports with your decision-makers.

Our user and partition features enable you to work behind the scenes on your data while presenting only the insights and dashboards you have ratified to your decision-makers.

platform features

  spktral reporting

From extensive user feedback we learnt that clients either needed summary reports or they actually wanted a fully compliant report that could be directly uploaded to their website in .PDF format.  Summary reports are auto generated from each data file and you can have one downloaded within twenty seconds of the data file upload.  Our fully compliant reports are three pages by default, and you can upload your organisation’s logo and a digital signature for the compliance attestation.  You can also add supporting narrative to the start, individual sections and the closing statement.

  spktral users

Our easy-to-use software means you can authorise a user hierarchy that meets your data access and risk management policies.  You may have a dedicated working group, or you may task one person to upload the data and another to audit and uncover insights.  With different user personas, you can easily control the actions each user can perform.  The engagement manager has full control of all users, the operators can upload/delete data and you can authorise others to just view the data.

  spktral partition

For bigger organisations that want to carry out extensive scenario planning we have the ability to have a partitioned testing section where you can upload a multitude of files to gather valuable information on certain events.  You don’t want your Senior Leadership Team to see this, so the work is done in the testing partition and your compliant partition remains untouched.

  spktral API

As part of a bigger campaign you may wish to demonstrate transparency by giving your employees access to your journey from beginning to end.  Our simple to use API will enable you to display your year-on-year dashboard data on your own website or intranet.  While you would not want to allow access to your granular data, this high-level access allows your employees to see the tangible output of your hard work.

To discuss how we can help you share and communicate your action plans, get in touch with us.

Future developments

We are constantly seeking to improve our platform and services.  The key stakeholders in this ongoing process are our customers.  Over 65% of recent platform updates have addressed feature requests or common feedback items from stakeholders.

Our agile development process enables us to update our software as our customers’ needs and the legislation evolve.

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