Gender Pay Gap Reporting

Your Gender Pay Gap Reporting is a major focus for your current and future talent, customers and investors. The deadline to submit is fast approaching – are you prepared?

Read more here about how to prepare effectively and start making better people decisions with your diversity data.

Private & Third Sector Deadline

Public Sector Deadline

Gender Pay Gap Reporting Process guide – Download now

Here’s five ways Spktral can help you get Gender Pay Gap Reporting done right in 2023

1. Ensure your data is accurate

How accurate is your gender pay gap reporting? You should be treating pay gap reporting with the same importance as your end of year accounts.

  • Are you extracting your data in accordance with the legislation?
  • Pay, allowances, bonuses – how are you treating LTIPs?

This is business intelligence; you shouldn’t be making decisions with inaccurate data. Our analysis shows a significant proportion of GPG reports are non-compliant. 

We provide you with independent assurance that your pay gap data, analysis, and insights are compliant, auditable and can be reliably used for evidence-based decision making.

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Gender Pay Gap Reporting 2021

2. Take the headache out of pay gap reporting

Are you spending too much time and resources understanding the legislation and producing a set of gender pay gap figures internally? Have you looked at how an external provider can support you more cost effectively?

We are specialists and help you get your reporting right, as seamlessly as possible. Then the work on your pay gaps can really start, and you will have the energy, excitement and resource to do it!

We can help you uncover the insights hidden in your data, ensuring you have the information you need to make better informed decisions about your people. This is an opportunity to build a reputation and relationship of trust with your employees.

Gender Pay Gap Reporting Process guide – Download now

3. Investigate your data using our intuitive platform

How easy is it for you to examine and interrogate your data? Our easy-to-use platform is intuitive and interactive, and enables you to ask questions of your data, including ‘what-if’ scenarios.

With our platform you can experiment with scenario planning, easily share high quality charts, explore how your pay gap changes through the lenses of age, location, and more.

We empower you to take control of this process with as much or as little support as you like. This gives you greater value, flexibility and insight than a static pdf report or spreadsheet.

Gender Pay Gap Reporting 2021

Gender Pay Gap Reporting 2021

4. Make evidence based people decisions

Are the decisions you’re making in this rapidly changing business environment improving or reducing the diversity of your workforce?

Now, more than ever, you need insightful pay gap analysis to show you how your representation of diverse talent is being affected by COVID-19, Brexit, digital transformation and cost cutting.

We partner with you on collaborative insight discovery sessions to help you understand the stories behind your data and how your decisions will affect the make-up of your organisation.

5. Track and share your progress

How well are you attracting and retaining diverse talent, which is critical to driving your organisation’s innovation and growth?

Our platform and specialist knowledge enables you to produce highly insightful pay gap and diversity analysis.

We enable you to share access to our secure, cloud-based platform, so you can easily track your progress. What’s more, you can use the shared features to engage leadership and formulate action plans to drive real change in your organisation’s diversity and inclusion performance.

Gender Pay Gap Reporting 2021

 Get access to our five step Gender Pay Gap Reporting process guide by completing this form

Gender pay gap reporting can be simple if you have a good process.

Written by pay gap specialists, this exclusive guide includes:

  • Gender Pay Gap Reporting 2020/21 update from Spktral CEO, Anthony Horrigan
  • Our 5 step Gender Pay Gap Reporting process
  • How we help our clients get it right

Gender Pay Gap Reporting 2021

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